A Guide to the Benefits of Proper Medical Waste Segregation

Healthcare facilities generate a large amount of medical waste, which can pose a serious health hazard if not handled and disposed of properly. Proper medical waste segregation is essential to ensure the safety of healthcare workers, patients, and the environment. Segregating medical waste helps to reduce the risk of infection, contamination, and the spread of … Read more

Reviewing and Updating Exposure Control Plans

If you are running a medical organization, you must constantly manage keeping your workers and staff members free of all contagious and fatal infections or illnesses. To ensure your staff’s health, every organization contains a critical plan called the ‘exposure control plan.’  ‘How often should exposure control plans be reviewed in a company?’ is a … Read more

The 1 Definitive Way to Reduce Waste Costs

Most healthcare professionals always look for cost-effective solutions to run their medical facilities. That way, they can spend funds on scaling their business in more productive departments such as medical staff and patient care.  However, proper waste management is crucial to maintain a healthy and safe environment within the workplace. In simpler terms, you should … Read more

Sharps Containers and What Medical Staff Should Throw in Each

The medical industry calls for sanitary conditions, safety standards, and regulations. These regulations encompass everything from supplies to waste disposal. Syringes and needles are essential medical equipment that must be disposed of competently. Sharps containers are convenient for storing syringes. Understanding what each one does and which one to use when dealing with medical sharps … Read more

What is the cradle to grave system?

You may have never heard of the cradle to grave system, but it is an important part of the waste disposal process. This phrase refers to a company’s responsibility for all aspects of its products or services from design and manufacturing through distribution and disposal. In a prior post summarizing “What is medical waste?” we … Read more

5 ways to reduce the amount of medical waste in your workplace

Did you know the cost to dispose of medical waste can be 10 times greater than the cost to dispose of regular (non-regulated) solid waste? Studies suggest that businesses and facilities can realistically decrease regulated medical waste to just 6-10% of their total waste. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) goes even further, suggesting that only 3-5% of all medical … Read more